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The most wonderful (over)time of the year!

April 12, 2007

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are ON, my friends!

Vancouver wins (AP)Last night, even though my Penguins took it on the chin in Ottawa in Game 1, we had a double-OT game in Nashville and a FOUR-OT game in Vancouver.

Awww yeah!

Nothing is better than endless overtime hockey during the playoffs. Hockey fans all over Canada and the States forfeit their sleep (and next-day’s work productivity) to live and die with every overtime shot, deke and power play.

The Canucks’ win over the Stars last night was the fourth-longest OT playoff game of the “modern era” of hockey. Click this link to see the winning goal on

Here’s the list of longest NHL OT games, and their winning goal scorers.

More highlights from those long OTs and videos after the jump…

The third longest involved the Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals in 1996, as Petr Nedved won the game on the power play after 79 OT minutes. The Penguins had to fend off an overtime penalty shot as well in the second OT to win this wild game.

Ironically, Stars’ goalie Marty Turco (losing goalie last night in Vancouver) lost the second-longest OT game of the modern era as well, dropping one to the Ducks in the 81st OT minute in 2003.

The longest game of the modern era went into five overtimes, with the Penguins falling to the Flyers at the hands of Keith Primeau, after 92 minutes of OT play.

The players had to send out for pizza between periods to try to feed their players. And since arena concessions closed at the end of the 3rd period, fans went hungry/thirsty for hours.

Two games back in the 1930s went into a rare SIX overtimes, but since YouTube wasn’t around then, no one cares. (just kidding … those Maroons were a tough bunch!)

Four more games tonight … I’m never going to get any sleep!


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