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MMV: Osmond runs amok, creepy PSAs, Zach Johnson, Klingons and pelican dinner!

April 11, 2007

Another belated episode of Monday Morning Videos bring Donny Osmond comedy with Jimmy Kimmel, Klingon on Late Night and the fastest poultry dinner you’ve seen.

First, singer Donny Osmond hangs out with late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, causing mischief at a yoga class and being a terror to society at large:

Next, a reminder that it’s good to be at the top of the food chain on planet Earth. This hungry British pelican decides he’s had enough of those little pigeons stealing his bread. So, he lets the pigeon do the work, then EATS the PIGEON! That’s very efficient!

More clips after the jump …
It’s about time that public-service announcements tackle online predators, making kids aware that what they post online can be seen by anyone:

Congrats to Zach Johnson, winner of The Masters golf tournament, beating the Tiger Woods juggernaut. He gets the next-day payoff of doing the Top 10 list on Letterman … one of the better ones I’ve heard in a while:

And finally, Rosario Dawson is one of my favorite actresses. She was killer in Men in Black 2, Sin City, Rent and Clerks 2. Now, she confesses her secret Star Trek love to Conan O’Brien. Geeks everywhere are a-twitter! :


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