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Twitter Tuesday: New Twitter tools

April 10, 2007

Download Squad finally hops the Twitter express with a post about new sites that accentuate your Twitter experience.  And yes, I still am watching Twittervision for kicks when I’m bored.
TwitterlogoHere’s a rundown of what’s new for the Twitterazzi (you know who you are!):

  • Twitterverse – From the minds of Ideacodes comes this “tag cloud” maker from Twitter’s public feed, giving you a glance of what topics/keywords are being discussed over your designated time frame (anywhere from 1 hour to several days).
  • Triqqr – A pre-Windows Vista-based desktop tool in beta development for reading and posting to Twitter.  I still prefer Twitteroo (by Rare Edge)
  • Twitterholic – Sort of the Technorati of Twitter.  It ranks you based on your amount of friends and followers.  Right now, the breaking point to make the top 100 Twitter-ers is 287 friends.  I’m only at 41 myself … please be my friend. 🙂
  • TwitThis – Just like all the other WordPress plug-ins that add quick submit links for Digg, Reddit and the like to blog posts, TwitThis converts the blog post link to a TinyURL address that better fits in Twitter’s character limits (though, I prefer the new URLTea)
  • Twittermap –  A pretty simple, straight-forward Google map visual of all the Twitter posts from any given zip code or area.  Puts marks on the map, which display the user’s avatar.
  • Autotwit – A spammers’ (or legit marketer’s) dream for sending Twitter posts on schedule.  This service can send Twitter posts every hour, day, week, etc. as you designate.
  1. April 10, 2007 10:28 am

    I’m a media blogger at Under The News and I am becoming more and more fascinated with search engine issues, not from a commercial standpoint but from a social networking and cultural-artifact perspective.

    I am intrigued at what words (Googled, Yahoo’d or Jeeved) cause paths to cross, and why.

    I blogged about that issue today at Keywords in a Bottle at my site. I welcome more comments on this fascinating subject.


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