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The Passion set to Pink Floyd, and more Easter thoughts

April 6, 2007

It’s Good Friday today in most Christian faiths, so let me get my “Happy Easter” message in now.

Stan with bunny (South Park/Comedy Central)

Happy Easter to everyone.

There, done.

Now, while the traditional paska bread cooks in my oven, let’s dive into a pile of Easter-related links for your holiday weekend.

bullet THE PASSION, IN PINK: First, I’ll be listening to Glenn Beck later today, for his show’s annual performance of The Passion, set to the music of Pink Floyd.

Yes, that Pink Floyd. All we need is a matching laser show from the planetarium and we’d have a party.

But seriously, Beck’s production of the Passion with the mix of modern music is one of the most moving performances you’ll hear for the Holy Week remembrance.

Listen to The Passion w/ Pink Floyd here streaming for free. (Also, his version of the Christmas story is excellent as well.)

bullet KOSHER COLA: If you’re Jewish, and need that special something for your Passover Seder meal, nothing is more classy than kosher Coca-Cola! Actually, I can think of many things more classy, but I digress. It’s available for a limited time only in major metros.

More Easter links after the jump…

bullet THE HARE CLUB FOR MEN: South Park has skewered Christianity before (remember the mother spider that controlled “The Holy Document of Catholic Law? And that was one of the less blasphemous jabs!), but the show outdid itself with its “Fantastic Easter Special” that aired this week. It starts with Stan wanting to know why Christians paint eggs for Easter, and how the Easter Bunny tradition began.

It all somehow spirals into the fact that Jesus had a rabbit as an apostle, through a Da Vinci Code-like spin. Yeah, I didn’t see that coming either.

You can find the episode here, through iTunes, or can watch it on Comedy Central over the weekend. Watch for my personal highlight, the marshmellow-Peeps-in-the-microwave bomb.

bullet JESUS LIES HERE, WE THINK…: Just a side note, but we haven’t heard much more about the “real Jesus tomb” that was uncovered for a March Discovery Channel special lately. Could it be that this was all just a publicity stunt?

And the International Herald-Tribune makes a good point today … why do all the Jesus and Christianity skeptics come out of the woodwork during Holy Week?

bullet CUSTOM CONFUSION: But seriously, why the eggs? Why the chocolate? And why does Easter move around so much on the calendar? The Belfast Telegram goes into all of the FAQs about Easter today.


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