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Memories of Netscape Navigator and Web 1.0

April 3, 2007

Today, the revolutionary Netscape Navigator browser was named the Top Tech Product of All-Time by PC World Magazine.

NetscapeI remember spending much time in the Millersville University weather lab back in 1994, using Netscape’s new-fangled “web browser” on the Sun terminal, checking out ESPNet Sportszone (now stats and scores, and anything else “Web 1.0” that I could find.  Oh, and looking at weather maps and radar too sometimes.

Now I scour the Web all day looking for news, sports information, tech news and gadgets. and listen to podcasts while bringing the best news to you.

Wow, I’ve come so far.  🙂

Other notables from the list include Apple, which had seven devices/computers in the Top 50.  Get the complete list here.  Here’s my favorites on the list:


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