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MMV: Tax rapping; Will it Blend?; lacrosse fight; Jeff Hardy and more!

April 3, 2007

In this day-late belated version of Monday Morning Videos, we’ve got an urban-style reminder to pay your taxes, CBS’ look at a web celebrity, a wild-and-wooly lacrosse fight, a WWE Wrestlemania daredevil highlight, a new improv comedy show and more.

First off, the product TurboTax hosted a web competition for users to create a “tax rap” video as a reminder to pay your income taxes on April 15 (actually, 16th this year, due to the weekend). Here’s one of the competitors, Reppin’ Shaolin and the BK:

Next, since I’m a Philadelphia Wings lacrosse fan and season-ticket holder, I thought I’d give another plug for rookie Geoff Snider, who fired up the Wings with this tussle last weekend against Chicago. The Wings rallied after the fight to score 6 straight goals in the final quarter and win 12-11.  (this fight fits perfectly with my “hockey fights in other sports” theory of aggression diffusion)

Next, CBS News did a feature about a true Web celebrity, Tom Dickson and his Blendtec blenders, which star in “Will it Blend?” — a viral web campaign where the company CEO chops and grinds up household items in his powerful blenders.

More clips and comedy after the jump…

Jay Leno takes a comedic look at the new all-glass Grand Canyon skywalkhope the warranty is still good.

Next, one of the most devastating wrestling moves I’ve ever seen came at WWE‘s Wrestlemania 23, as Jeff Hardy legdropped Edge from a 15-foot-high ladder, breaking through the ladder Edge was laid out on and crashing to the floor.

Finally, a new improv comedy show is coming to NBC called “Thank God You’re Here,” where celebrities are dropped into unknown scenes that they need to act their way through. It looks promising … it’s very similar to one of my favorite shows, “Whose Line is it Anyway?” This preview includes former Seinfeld star Jason Alexander.


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