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Why no HD-DVD or Wi-fi on the XBox 360 Elite?

March 28, 2007

XBOX360 Elite (by Flickr user Major Nelson)

That is one smokin’ black gaming console right there!

  Microsoft announced yesterday night that a new version of their popular Xbox 360 system will get an “Elite” (or “L33T”) version.

The new black console, will feature a bigger hard drive and high-definition connections for the higher-end TVs. All for $479.99 and coming out April 29.

The 120GB hard drive and HDMI connections will allow users to store more games and IPTV movies/programming on their systems — storage is an issue on current Xbox models that only have 20GB add-ons.

But, isn’t this interesting that MSFT is passing on including their high-end HD-DVD drive with the system?

Now, with the $200 HD-DVD add-on, that makes the complete Xbox HD-capable system $680 … almost $100 more than Sony’s Playstation 3, already packaged with the more-popular (according to disc sales) Blu-ray DVD.

Xbox360 elite package (AP)Is this a major slip-up for Microsoft, who could have crushed Sony’s lagging PS3 with the HD-DVD built in on the “Elite” for under $500?

Also, why no onboard wi-fi, Microsoft? Any next-gen system should have that onboard by now (and preferably, with the 802.11n compatibility).

Buying a $500 system should have everything you need for next-gen fun included, and I shouldn’t have to go buy ala cart parts/adapters to make the system work in my house with my wi-fi. That’s almost like selling the system, but making you go buy the power cord separately.

I think my choice is made for me … Playstation 3 it ishopefully getting one in a few weeks.


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