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Memo: Fear the geese, newspaper workers!

March 26, 2007

As journalists, we face hazards that make our job a difficult one.

  • We take verbal lashing from angry politicians/parents/editors.
  • We risk our lives in bullet-ridden war zones (some giving their lives).
  • We risk first- or second-degree burns if we spill the office’s coffee on ourselves on the way back from Dunkin’ Donuts. (Save the donut holes!!!)

angry gooseBut I’ve never considered Canadian geese an enemy of journalists. Until now.

Romenesko at today posted a memo that the Columbus Dispatch sent to its workers about the nesting geese around its facility and parking lots.

It warned the employees to beware of aggressive male geese defending nests in the area, and that attacks from male geese can come from any direction. (even from the skies, maybe?)

So, J-schoolers, from the Columbus memo, here are some points to keep in mind, if you approach geese for an interview about their mating habits or something like that:

The facilities maintenance staff, as in years past, will make every effort to limit any human-goose conflict situations by all legal means at our disposal, following are a few tips should you be confronted with an aggressive goose:

1) Maintain direct eye contact with the animal and face toward it.

2) If the goose acts aggressively calmly and slowly back away.

3) Maintain a neutral demeanor, do not act hostile or show fear.

4) Never turn you back to an aggressive goose.

5) If a goose flies toward your face duck and move at a right angle to the direction of flight while maintaining your front toward the goose.

Good to keep in mind.

Stay strong Columbus Dispatch staffers. We’re with you in spirit.

  1. Diana permalink
    March 26, 2007 4:58 pm

    hahaha… That’s really great. Seriously, that has to be one of the best journalism lessons I’ve learned so far. Thanks. It’ll really come in handy if I’m ever caught facing an angry goose in Long’s Park. 🙂

  2. keith permalink
    July 16, 2007 4:51 am

    I visited many farms as a boy and was attacked heaps of times by mad Geese. They can be crazy. My uncle used to keep them to protect his chickens from foxes and cats. The tips are good.

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