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Twitter mania on a Monday

March 26, 2007

Yeah, I’m still hooked on Twitter. My HardDriveLife Twitter followers continue to grow, and I’m always looking for the newest thing using the Twitter RSS and APIs.

So, here’s some new stuff for the Twitter addict hiding inside:

Tweetbar screengrab (Mike Demers dot net)

Tweetbar is a cool toolbar for the Firefox browser that puts your Twitter friends alongside your web pages (seen above). That way, you don’t have to devote a tab to the Twitter web page. And the “clear tweets” option allows you to know when new posts arrive from friends. Mike Demers is the creator, and you can get it free at his site.

There’s an all-ladies Twitter group starting up called Twitteritas.” Not sure what the admission requirements are, but many of them seem to be from Linden Labs’ Second Life virtual world.

Of course, there’s TwitterVision, which plots each public Twitter post on a Google map of the world every few seconds. I swear I just saw Santa Claus post from the Arctic Circle!

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  1. March 26, 2007 6:34 pm

    Right now.. tweetbar is my tweeting method of choice. It’s got room for improovement but the fact that it is right there, in my sidebar, makes it so much easier to keep up with everyone else. I love it.

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