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MMV: Maraka!, Peyton Manning on SNL, bad skaters, game show pain and more

March 26, 2007

Monday Morning Videos is back with another weekly dose of fun!

First, Saturday Night Live had one of their best “TV Funhouse” cartoons ever, parodying the popular children’s show “Dora the Explorer.” Warning: PG-13 language in one spot.

The show also featured the first time Indianapolis Colts QB Peyton Manning was hosting SNL, and they did a hilarious parody of the NFL United Way ads. But that video has been removed from YouTube. Do not anger the powerful NFL!!! (but hey, I found it here on NBC’s site…)

More videos after the jump …
Do you hate skateboarders? Their contempt for the law? Yeah, me too. Here’s a cop in Charleston, S.C. that had enough and takes down a lawbreaker.

Can’t show the clip here (on iFilm), but isn’t that orphaned German polar bear too cute for words?

Finally, If you want some REAL game show action, and not this “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?” lunacy where contestants are rewarded for forgetting what star is closest to the Earth (answer … the sun!), then add some shame and punishments from Japanese game shows.

These contestants in Japan are trying to recite a tongue twister. If they mess up, they are swiftly dealt with with a blow to a sensitive area of the body.

Now why can’t they do this on American Idol? Sanjaya, I’m looking in your direction…

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