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Brits buy PS3, get free HDTV!

March 23, 2007

While reports come in that the Europe and Australian launches of the Playstation 3 didn’t approach the violence/craziness that the U.S. launch experienced in November, one news story out of Britain was too good not to mention here.

PS3 consoleWhile some stores canceled their launch parties for fear of muggings and thefts of the new entertainment system, Sony wanted to reward the Playstation loyalists that lined up to buy the system at midnight for the est. $1,000 (US$) price tag.

From Yahoo Games Ireland/U.K.:

A free 46inch Sony Bravia LCD telly! We kid you not!!!

Sony’s Ray Maguire took the stage slightly ahead of the midnight deadline, acknowledged that his company would be nothing without the help of those present (we’re paraphrasing here) and then went on to say that he knew we were all here to buy the PS3 but what we really should be playing it on is one of these, and pointed to an enormous Bravia telly, which he explained he’d be giving free to each and every one of the first 100 gobsmacked punters in the queue. Needless to say the place went nuts!

Sony BraviaAmazing. Now if only they could do a re-launch here in the U.S. with that incentive… This also puts the trade-in of kids for PS3 deal to shame!

In Australia, The Age reports that turnout was light. So light, in fact, that a radio crew had to stage cheering at a midnight store opening to make it sound like a party on the air.

Ugh! But what do you expect when PS3 games cost nearly $100 (US$) per title overseas? Makes me glad to live in the land of the free…

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  1. pistolpete permalink
    March 23, 2007 12:26 pm

    Given your interest in technology and consumer issues, you might like to read the essay, “Why I’m Not Going to Buy a Computer” by Wendell Berry – summarized on my blogspot – “Necessary Therapy”. I’d love to read your response.

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