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Wednesday a day for food FREEBIES!

March 21, 2007

If you’re willing to drive around a bit today, you can get hooked up with some good food freebies. As a self-dubbed fast-food expert, I mark these days on the calendar with big red marker.

Rita’s iceFirst, Dunkin’ Donuts (my new favorite breakfast place downtown) is offering up a free small iced coffee for all visitors. But it’s cold for this first morning of spring, so not many takers on the cold java.

Second, Rita’s Italian Ice is dishing up their annual first day of Spring special of a free regular-sized Italian ice to all visitors. But again….it’s COLD today! I’m more eager to try the new Rita’s “Blendini” dessert, which featured Italian ice, custard and mix-in items like M&Ms, candy bar crumbs and so on.

There is also some other big chain doing a free food giveaway today, but the name escapes me. If I think of it/find it, I’ll update this post.

So let’s get eating! Woot! I gotta pass this along to the Twitter group.

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