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Oh my god, did we just kill Twitter? (No, wait…)

March 14, 2007

At about 1:25 p.m., my Twitter web page went dead … my Twitteroo software won’t post either.

Twitter logo bigOh no! We’ve killed Twitter! (if you don’t know what Twitter is yet, check out this post)

I can’t use the six power user tips for Twitter if there is NO Twitter up-and-running!

The seemingly-doubled-per-day user base of the new instant message/”micro-blogging” software may have finally caught up to the system’s limitations. I better start building my bomb shelter and stocking it with … Oh, there, it’s back up and running again! (10 minutes later.)

An IM conversation with a friend minutes ago:

(13:31:36) corey/Gaim: woah! did Twitter just die?
(13:31:50) Cali friend: yep its dead
(13:32:46) corey/Gaim: WE KILLED TWITTER!!!
(13:32:48) corey/Gaim: WOOO!
(13:32:52) Cali friend: lol
(13:32:57) corey/Gaim: Gotta blog this…
(13:33:35) Cali friend: rofl
(13:34:12) Cali friend: no SL (Second Life is down right now as well…)
(13:34:14) Cali friend: no twitter
(13:34:17) Cali friend: getting shakes
(13:37:56) corey/Gaim: ahhh….back up
(13:38:01) Cali friend: yep
(13:38:04) Cali friend: its happened before
(13:38:23) corey/Gaim: when?
(13:38:29) Cali friend: last week
(13:38:33) Cali friend: every now and then

As I get more and more addicted on this new client/program, I’m sensing that we may see more outages like this down the road. Hope the boys/girls at Obvious can keep pace.


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