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Britney finds romance, Lindsay finds photogs (with her car)

March 14, 2007

If you’ve been wondering what’s been up with Britney Spears while she stews in rehab, it looks like she may have found a stewing “partner.”

And according to reports, she’s going to shack up with him once out of the posh Malibu Promises Center.

Lohan pic (AP)Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan hit the dysfunctional starlett trifecta yesterday:

  1. She saw her father get out of jail after a two-year sentence.
  2. She ran red lights in Manhattan and drove down one-way streets the wrong way to escape from photographers. (video here)
  3. And then, to top it off, she allegedly hit one of the photographers with her car, hurting his knee.

Nice. Good work for the pop “axis of evil.At least Lindsay didn’t try to write the guy an apology note.

Jeanette Walls of MSNBC was up late getting the scoop on Spears, who is smitten by another music man, Jason Filyaw of the band Riva.

Here’s her post:

Spears, 25, has fallen for Jason Filyaw, the 33-year-old lead guitarist of the rock band Riva, reports the tab.

Spears in rehab (AP)“Britney adores Jason,” a friend of Filyaw’s told the Enquirer. “He’s been a tower of strength for her at the lowest point in her life. She’s convinced Jason can help her through rehab because as an alcoholic, he’s been through the same thing.”

Spears e-mails and phones Filyaw constantly, according to the report, and the two have pet names for one another: he calls her Sugar, Kitten and My Lady; she calls him Mr. Secret Underground Guy and J-Sun.

Filyaw, when contacted by the Enquirer, said, “I have nothing to say about this.”

If I’ve ever seen a good move by Spears, it’s this one. What could go wrong by falling for another fellow addict? (Can I add a little more sarcasm to that paragraph?)

In the meantime, Kevin Federline is checking up on her more and more, according to X17. I’m sure it’s to make sure she gets clean for the sake of the divorce agreement and payout to K-Fed the kids.

And worse, there’s a rumored “tape” of Britney at a nightclub out there that could be revealing. And it’s supposedly worse than the Vegas bottomless photos. See it on eBay in a few months, I’d bet.


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