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NCAA Bracket Breakdown podcast today … I’m clueless!

March 13, 2007

OK, today is nitty-gritty time. I’ve got to lock down my bracket picks for the NCAA Tournament.

Final4logoSunday News sports columnist Mike Gross, New Era sports editor Keith Schweigart, New Era sports columnist Jeff Reinhart and I are teaming up to record LancasterOnline’s NCAA Bracket Breakdown podcast in just a few hours.

Honestly, I have NO idea who to pick this year! Even since my favorite team, the Duke Blue Devils, collapsed earlier this year, I’ve been lax in following college basketball.

As usual, I’ll do my last-minute research and come up with sleepers in each bracket.  Doing this podcast, however, prevents my usual strategy of submitting 5-6 different brackets to the office pool “inter-office picking contest”, one of which I pray has the right mix of upsets to win.

But, in reality, this year I have as much chance as I do winning the Powerball.

Anyway, come check out the show later this afternoon and maybe we’ll be able to help you win your local “picking contest.” Good luck!

Oh, and when in doubt, go with the failsafe of collective wisdom! Check out the “National Bracket” at, which shows who’s picking who to win it all, with percentages.

And remember, anyone has a chance to win … right Christian Laettner? Duke 104, Kentucky 103! (Note: fellow podcaster Mike Gross was AT this legendary game at the Spectrum in Philadelphia in 1992 between Duke and Kentucky.)

Also, here’s some “Bracketology” help from CBS Sportsline:

Good luck everyone!


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