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Rob Paulson and “Yakko’s World”

March 9, 2007

I’m a closet Animaniacs fan. I’ve been secretly praying for a relative to get me the DVD set of the 1993 series for a birthday or Christmas.

So when searching through Digg’s videos section, I see Rob Paulson (the voice of Yakko Warner) was at Comic-Con in 2006 and sang Yakko’s “Countries of the World” song from memory, I had to post it here.

First, here’s the actual clip of the song from Animanics, via YouTube:

And now, here’s Paulson’s version of it, that gets a big cheer from the crowd at the end:

An interesting note about this song: It skips about 30 countries and has map inaccuracies to fit the songs’ scheme.

He also did it in another 2005 interview on YouTube … here’s a clip of that too. This would be so cool to memorize, just to do at parties.


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