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MMV: Handcuffed to Hugh, gun show, and putting the laptop down

March 5, 2007

Monday Morning Videos is now on the air — so to speak. For you today: how to bind a Hollywood star, the crunching of Tomas Kaberle, an amazing and not-so-amazing soccer goal, major firepower and a look at Shutdown Day.

First, international superstar Hugh Grant was left stunned when Cielke Sijben, a journalist working for Dutch TV network 101 TV, leaped forward as he walked the red carpet at the Amsterdam premiere of “Music & Lyrics ” and clamped a metal handcuff on his wrist, attaching herself to him. According to Pop Candy’s Whitney Matheson, she was attached for 10 minutes, until firefighters freed him.

More videos after the jump…

Next, my sports video selection of the week is this mind-blowing hit in the Toronto Maple Leafs-New Jersey Devils game that knocked out the Leafs’ Tomas Kaberle.

And here’s a second sports vid, this one of a great soccer goal by a goalie, no less:

And one not-so-good save by a high-school keeper on a penalty kick (but he does keep it out):

Now, THAT’s a big gun…check out the size of the barrel and the way they have to lash down the gun to keep it steady.

Finally, there’s a movement for something called “Shutdown Day” on March 24, where you are encouraged to take a break from your PC and do something constructive. Myself, I’ll be in Philadelphia at a Wings‘ game. But if you are debating whether or not to participate, here’s some help on what to do with your laptop.


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