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UPDATE: Britney Spears quits rehab, now back for THIRD time

February 22, 2007

[UPDATE Thursday: TMZ is reporting that Britney has returned to rehab, after Kevin Federline threatened to go to court and demand exclusive custody of their two children. caught Britney outside Federline’s home last night. She couldn’t get in to see him, and was visably angry, reportedly hitting a photographer with an umbrella.

According to the TMZ article, this is Britney’s “last chance” at rehab, or its bye-bye children. And her kids are with their father, K-Fed, in the meantime. (that sounds like a new sitcom … “My dad K-Fed” … get me NBC on the phone)]

Britney Spears left the SoCal rehab clinic Wednesday, where she checked into just 24 hours ago, is reporting.

Spears in rehab (Superficial)Photos of the pop starlet/train-wreck-in-progress at the Promises Treatment Facility in Malibu were popping up all over the Web, including at The Superficial blog.

Of course, this is all after the whirlwind weekend of one-day rehab in Antiguan paradise, mental breakdowns, intentional hair loss, tattooing, hospital visits, house-selling and bad wig-wearing at nightclubs, restaurants and poolside.

Also, the Superficial blog confirmed yesterday’s report that Britney shaved her head to dodge a drug test that ex-hubby Kevin Federline was threatening to call for after a huge fight on last Thursday night.

The London Daily Mail reports Britney’s people claimed that LICE were eating her hair extensions, and they needed to go for that reason. Riiiiiight…

This is getting BAD. (Then again, how can it get worse?)

More in the Britney Watch later tonight on this blog.

Thanks to reader Britney in SoCal for the tip … no, not THAT Britney…

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