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Did Yahoo dig Digg too much?

February 16, 2007

Yahoo digs the social-networking news site Digg soooo much, they wanted to do the same thing for its own site, bringing in a user-voting element.
However, Digg nation did not dig this digging.
Digg logo

So, Digg users went and dug into Yahoo’s new “suggestion” site, going as far as spamming the site all over with pro-Digg declarations.

CyberNet tells of some of the comments left on the posting by the Digg community:

And to extend their loyalty to Digg, they also left about 200 comments, including many obscenities under the Yahoo Blog announcement with comments like:

  • I hope this is a sick joke. How dare you rip off Digg. I mean, you could have at least make it look a little different! Just sad….so sad.
  • Wow, complete rip off of the Digg interface guys. Way to go! Pathetic.
  • Stealing Digg’s idea isn’t something to brag about.
  • WOW great job ripping off Digg. I will never again go near Yahoo.

Just from being part of the Digg user community, and commenting/posting stories there, I have seen how easy it is to get on the Digg nation’s radar. Former Netscape head Jason Calacanis looks at the Digg “mob” as a bunch of 12-year-olds, and sometimes, I’d have to agree.

I think you just need to mention any of the following topics to get a reaction from them:

  • Someone/something being “pwned” or “owned”
  • Anything anti-Bush administration
  • Anything anti-Playstation 3 and Sony
  • Anything that proposes a conspiracy theory
  • Anything that tells how the country is dying
  • Anything pro-Apple or pro-Steve Jobs
  • Anything mentioning Kevin Rose, founder of Digg and host of DiggNation.
  • Anything showing video clips of people getting beat up or hit in sensative areas.

Some users there are very outspoken and sometimes without any courtesy or decorum. Hey, it’s part of the whole anonymous-ness of the Internet. It comes with the territory.

But, I think Digg users better get used to it. The whole “vote for the stories you like” site model is just going to get bigger and bigger. Soon, you’ll be voting for your front-page stories for the daily newspaper and voting to promote/advance the stories on newspaper and TV web sites. It’ll be like “Journalism Idol!”

More on that in a future post…


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