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Storm of the Century of the Week: It’s ON!

February 13, 2007

PennSquare in Lancaster (Corey)

The big Valentine’s Day Nor’Easter of 2007 is here!  Yes, snowfall in Lancaster is only about 1/4-inch right now, but this is just the appetizer! Bring on the main course, mother nature!

Right now, Eric Horst at the Weather HQ at Millersville University has upped the snowfall estimate to 5-10 inches for Lancaster County due to the early snow arrival!

From the Weather Info Center:

Given the early onset of snow, I think we need to nudge up the snowfall forecast here in the Lancaster area….perhaps to 5 – 10 inches. The difficult thing to finesse will be the sharp gradient in accumulation across PA, since areas near the Mason-Dixon line may see only 3 to 6 inches (and a lot of ice) while the northern counties pick up 14 – 24 inches. The amount and duration of ice in any given location will determine the snow total. And obviously a more brief period of ice here in Lancaster would lead to more snow…or more ice means less snow. Anyway, I’ll have a revised storm total map online around 9:30 a.m.

I’m going to head out and shoot some pics later this morning … maybe a video clip or two as well.  Stop back again in a bit for more winter fun.


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