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Jerk optician attacks TV reporter

February 10, 2007

Rule 1: If you’re trying to defraud your customers, don’t get into a physical throwdown with a TV crew investigating it.  That tends to draw attention to yourself… 

This optician in Toronto was accused of taking orders for glasses and not refunding the money when the order was incorrect or never showed up.  A CityNews reporter Peter Silverman (in his 70s) was verbally abused on the first visit, then the optician called to apologize.  On the second visit, the optician ambushed the reporter at the door, hitting him with everything he could find.

Then the police came, and the optician barricaded himself in the office.  After hours of standoff, he was arrested and charged with assault.

Amazing.  What a creep.  Thanks to the Consumerist blog for posting this…

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  1. Robert Stodulka permalink
    February 14, 2007 2:54 pm

    Thank you for correctly reporting it was an Optician (not a doctor).

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