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Facebook TV project in works … why not “Digg TV?”

February 8, 2007

Comcast and the social-networking Web site Facebook are teaming up to create “The Facebook Diaries,” a on-demand TV show to be aired on Comcast’s cable on-demand network, according to a report in MediaWeek.

ComcastscreenThe project also involves videos from, which is Comcast’s video-sharing site.

From the report:

Starting in March, both Facebook and–Comcast’s recently launched viral video site–will recruit users to submit video clips about their own lives that may be used for a new on-demand series, dubbed Facebook Diaries. That show, whose launch date has not been announced, will be produced by reality TV producer R.J. Cutler, who plans to select among the best video submissions to develop a 10-episode series that will run on Comcast’s VOD platform as well as on and

I’m wondering two things:

1) The whole social-network TV thing didn’t work out too well the first time around. Remember “Project MyWorld?” No? Exactly my point…

2) If you want to have a show with serious site interaction, why not start a daily “Digg TV” newscast, with the top news, entertainment, sports and tech stories posted by users?

Yes, I know Digg founder Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht do the weekly version of this on their award-winning DiggNation podcast/vidcast … but a shorter daily version (15 min. tops?) with a slick production package might be worthwhile (worth money too!) to cable networks like Comcast that need to fill their network drives with on-demand content for their customers.

And besides, “Netscape.TV” doesn’t sound as good as “DiggTV.”

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