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Blockbuster’s ‘Click Mouse’ wins battles of Super Bowl ads

February 6, 2007

My favorite Super Bowl ad was also the world’s favorite. In two separate contests. Nice!

Blockbuster Video’s “Click Mouse” ad was the winner of both MSNBC’s ad survey and the annual “Spot Bowl” competition.

Blockbuster Mouse (file)Here are the MSNBC Top 10 standings:

  1. Blockbuster’s “Click Mouse”
  2. Budweiser’s “Rock Paper Scissors”
  3. Budweiser’s “Dogs,”
  4. Nationwide’s “Federline,”
  5. Snickers’ “Manly,”
  6. Bud Light’s “Slap” and
  7. Bud Light’s “Class,”
  8. Doritos’ “Checkout,”
  9. GM’s “Robot Arm,”
  10. Coca-Cola’s “Vice.”

In the “Spot Bowl”, here’s their Top 10:

  1. Blockbuster “Click Mouse”
  2. Budweiser’s “Dogs,”
  3. Bud Light’s “Class,”
  4. GM’s “Robot Arm,”
  5. Bud Light’s “Hitchhiker with an Axe”
  6. Nationwide’s “Federline,”
  7. Budweiser’s “Rock Paper Scissors”
  8. Coca-Cola’s “Vice.”
  9. Doritos’ “Checkout,”
  10. Garmin “Maposaurus” (which I’ve seen as WORST ad on some sites)

More about the “Mouse” ad from MSNBC after the break:

The Blockbuster ad features the duo attempting to access the company’s new Total Access online rental service by clicking and dragging a mouse. The cheese-eating kind, not the one cubicle drones have their hands permanently fixed to. They don’t succeed, with Ray finally yanking it up by the tail saying, “We didn’t plug it in,” and the abused rodent quickly responding, “Don’t even think about it.”

The ad, dubbed “Mouse Click,” was an important part of the campaign to get out news about Total Access, said Margaret Landis, Blockbuster’s vice president of advertising and customer communications.

“We really had a big venue like the Super Bowl in mind. … We really wanted to wait for the right time,” she said. “What better way to talk about online rentals than with Carl and Ray?”

James Woods is the voice of Carl, Jim Belushi is Ray and mouse (he hasn’t been given a name yet) is played by Bob Goldthwait. Carl and Ray made their debut in a 2002 Super Bowl Blockbuster spot that won numerous industry awards.

The ads have proved a hit with viewers as the characters are “very entertaining, unexpected and lovable. People always say, ‘I can’t believe they said that.’ They’re just fun,” Landis said.

She said the company would consider creating another mouse spot: “We’ll see, if reaction is as positive as it is today, possibly.”

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  1. February 8, 2007 6:56 pm

    The mouse was my personal favorite also. I don’t know if you picked up on the NT Times article asking if the violent themes of this years commercials point to the nations mood on Iraq.

    Snickers already pulled the “manly” campaign after complaints.

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