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Aqua Teen Bomber Farce in Boston

February 1, 2007

Hey Boston, the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie is coming! I wonder if they know about it yet…

Mooninites sign (eBay)If you didn’t hear, LED displays of the ATHF charecters were mistaken as BOMBS around Boston, leading to the closure of some city streets and bridges. The marketing campaign heads were arrested because of it.

That’s some BAD marketing if you’re stuff is mistaken as a bomb. And how do you not tell someone in the media or at the police dept. about this campaign, just in case someone calls 911?

The campaign, which put these Mooninites signs around 10 major U.S. cities, has taken them all down to prevent any more bomb-related hysteria. Except for one, that was liberated by a passer-by to be sold on eBay (bid is now $5,001 … pic on right). I can see these coming to a Spencers Gifts store near you soon.

Movie clips after the break…

The creators of the signs made a YouTube clip of how they went around posting the magnetic signs:

If you’ve never seen the Mooninites in action, they are the best Atari-looking characters on the show. Here’s a great clip of them in action on ATHF:

And YouTube has the movie trailer for the upcoming film:

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