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Apple: Oh yeah? We got new Shuffles!

January 30, 2007

Overheard in the media today as Microsoft Vista launches around our country:

MICROSOFT: Today we launch Windows Vista, the revolutionary new operating system. It will make everyone’s computer-using life better and will bring your user experience to new levels. It will be the greatest computer program the world has ever seen. And did we mention it’s REVOLUTIONARY?!

APPLE: Oh yeah? Today, we’re introducing new PINK iPod SHUFFLES!



APPLE: And, one more thing … we have ORANGE ones too!

MICROSOFT: Damn it, we’re screwed!

Yes. Today, to counter the release of Windows Vista, Apple announces new iPod Shuffles in five colors. And also, they release the update to unlock the 802.11n capabilities of their recent wireless-capable PCs and notebooks.

Way to go Apple. (sarcasm)

Predicitions ranged from new laptops to the surprise release of OS X Leopard, so this a bit of a disappointment.

Score for today: Microsoft 1, Apple 0 — mostly because there’s no BLACK Shuffle. Doh!

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