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Sucker! First Windows Vista buyer!

January 29, 2007

We’re off and runningMicrosoft Vista has been unleashed on the (consumer) world.  And here’s early adopter numero uno!


New Zealander Graham Saywell, of Auckland, holds Microsoft’s Windows Vista he bought at an electronics store in Auckland, New Zealand, Tuesday, Jan. 30. (AP photo) Microsoft Corp. released Windows Vista, its first new operating system since 2001, on Tuesday as Saywell became the first person in the world to buy Microsoft’s new computer platform.

Too bad he didn’t pony up for the extra-special numbered autographed edition!

But was he TRULY the first to buy it?

According to a New Zealand news report, the first buyer of Windows Vista was supposed to be a celebrity … New Zealand’s “All Blacks” rugby star Daniel Carter. He was then supposed to autograph the notebook PC he bought the software on and auction it off for charity.

Speaking of which, tonight, an hour before Vista launches on U.S. shores, Microsoft founder Bill Gates is scheduled to be on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Will he meet up and match wits with John “I’m a PC” Hodgman, a Daily Show contributor?

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