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MMV: OK Go!, long-range hockey goal and smashing dunk

January 29, 2007

New weekly feature on Hard Drive Life today: Monday Morning Videos! Today, we found a new take on an classic music video, and some shocking sports moments that include a breaking backboard and a hockey goal from WAY downtown.

First, here’s the classic video (2 MILLION downloads makes it classic) from OK Go!, “Here It Goes Again”, featuring fancy steppin’ on treadmills:

Some kids decided to do their own version of this video at the Granbury High School talent show. And hear the crowd roar with approval!:

Sports clips after the jump…

Second, some hockey action. I featured this wild ending a few weeks back, but this goal by North Dakota’s Robbie Bina deserves TWO points from where he scores from.

Next, a crushing body check on a Western Michigan player, which knocked him out with broken ribs. I don’t know if it was a “legal” hit because the checker left his feet … but the checking player received no penalty.

And finally, some basketball. Check out this senseless 3-person dunk that puts the backboard out of its misery. (it’s after the whistle…dumb!)

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