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Coming Feb. 20, A very special episode of Apple

January 24, 2007

applelogoThis from Apple Recon: a tipster leaked info about a “special event” on February 20, that will give details on the new OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and new versions of iLife and iWork. Also, new Mac Pro towers are on the way.

But the big question … what else is in Steve Jobs’ pocket as the “one more thing?”

From the report:

The real question on everyone’s mind, however, is…

will we see anything unexpected? Like an updated touchscreen iPod? Or perhaps a 12″ ultra-portable Mac Book Pro? We continue to believe that it’s still going to be a little bit longer before we see either of those… NAB is coming up in April (the 14th-19th) and we’d peg updated Mac Book Pros at this event.  

And then, dear Apple Recon Reader (ARR!! :), when will we see the full screen iPod and updated Mac Minis, iMacs, etc.? We don’t have any recon on that, so we’re not just going to make up something like some of the other guys would…

Here’s some things I’d like to see at this special event:

  • New touchscreen iPod in iPhone style form… oh please oh please
  • New smaller Macbook Pro
  • AppleTV-compatible USB TV tuners, for full DVR capabilities
  • Details on iPhone voice/data pricing plan with Cingular/AT&T
  • Movie rentals for iTunes, streamable through AppleTV
  • NFL Sunday Ticket (games live streaming through AppleTV)

Yeah, I know that the NFL thing is a fantasy … but a man can dream, can’t he?

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