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My favorite recent Super Bowl commercials

January 23, 2007

NFL inflatableWe’re only 12 days away from Super Bowl XLI in Miami, and without the Steelers being in the big game this year, my wife and I are already looking forward to the epic battle between the monkeys and the office drone.

Yes, it’s that time again. Time for a look at my favorite Super Bowl commercials. But for memory’s sake, let’s limit them to the past 10 years.

Of course, FedEx nailed what elements are required for a great commercial at the big game last year:

So sit back and relax … Here’s my favorites, in no particular order after the jump:

  1. Ameriquest’s “Blood Cat” commerical
  2. The Budweiser Clydesdales play football (this is the most recent, the “streaker“):
  3. The Sprint phone with “crime deterrent
  4. Michelob Ultra’s “Wide Open” touch football game
  5. EDS’ “Cat Herders“:
  6.’s “When I Grow Up…” commerical, all about striving to be in an average job.

  7. FedEx’s “Caveman” commerical

  8. Ameriquest’s “Robber taser” commercial … funny! (part of the same campaign as no. 1):
  9. Budweiser’s farting horse (which started the outcry for non-tasteless commericals, post Janet Jackson’s boob flash)

  10. And finally, E-Trade’s “We just wasted $2M bucks.”

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  1. And as a bonus, this list goes to 11. My emotional favorite, from Budweiser, with the troops coming home:
  2. OK, 12…. this is the rejected (ie. banned) commerical for this year’s big game. (WARNING: PG-13 and audio is NSFW…but is too funny)

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