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Hillary, let’s chat…

January 22, 2007

If you didn’t hear, N.Y. Sen. Hillary Clinton is in the running for the presidency in 2008. She put out her announcement video (like Sen. Barack Obama, her chief primary competitor in ’08) this weekend.

Here’s the video clip from a YouTube post (it’s in HDTV on her site):

“So let’s talk. Let’s chat. Let’s start a dialogue about your ideas and mine.” she said in her videotaped announcement.

Alright Hil, let’s chat. Let’s sit down at my coffee klatch and … C’mon! what is this? The View? Oprah? She added she’d love to “visit everyone’s living room” and discuss things.

Well, Senator, if you’d like, you have a standing offer to come over for wing night at the Clayton house.   

Clinton eatsJust let me know in advance so I can order up enough for you and your security detail. My wife will make her delicious butterscotch cookies.

And, heck, bring Bill over too.

But seriously Sen. Clinton … I do want to know one thing. More than any other. Let’s talk about YOUR Iraq policy. I want to hear details.

  • I want to hear how you would address the insurgency in that country and how you will stop the in-fighting, the militias, and the interference from Iran.
  • How would you reduce our troop strength there without emboldening the terrorist efforts in the country?
  • How will you work to firm up the government there so that we can slowly start our withdrawal of troops?
  • How would you go about protecting Iraq’s natural resources that fuel that country’s economy?
  • How would you approach increasing the power of security forces in the country?
  • How would you address the growing Iranian threat to the region and to Iraq? Nuclear and otherwise?

Some advance notice: the acceptable answer to none of these is “We must withdraw now.” The acceptable answer to none of these contains “George W. Bush,” because he won’t be there in two years.  I want to know YOUR plan and YOUR ideas and/or the ideas of YOUR party.  And no finger-pointing. 

It’s been three weeks of the Democrat majority in Congress, and yet, we have heard nothing from them other than opposition to the administration’s “surge” of troops. I want to hear how the majority can DO BETTER. But so far, no go on that.

Let’s stop with this push of a non-binding resolution against the war in Congress … Democrats, if you want the war over NOW, then cut the funds NOW and let the repercussions come from the American public.  (But, since you are the majority, and most of you support this resolution, you should be OK come election time, right?)

Also, as an aside, please give me more information on how we can do better than:

I’ll take those answers in an e-mail or in my comments section below. Thank you Senator. Much appreciated.

Her first online press conference “with the people” is tonight at 7 p.m. on her site. Pre-registration is needed. I am so there.

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  1. icanplainlysee permalink
    January 22, 2007 11:12 am

    Poor Hillary.

    Awarded the Dem nomination years ago, smartest woman in the world, cleverly pointed out the vast right wing conspiracy, stood by misogynist lech knowing a single Hillary had no chance to be Queen of the Earth, voted for the war and now against it.. you know, that poor woman.

    Out of nowhere THIS happens…Barack Hussein Obama.

    In the twisted, multicultural, politically correct world of progressive socialism, what can she say?

    I almost feel sorr…………nah, not really.

  2. January 22, 2007 11:16 am

    OK, what about a Clinton-Obama ticket? That would be the GOP worst nightmare…an all-around politico taboo breaker going up against the McCain-Giuliani combo.

  3. Molly Moon permalink
    January 22, 2007 5:58 pm

    I do think a Clinton/Obama ticket would be exciting! The only issue that I am concerned about is your take on the “surge” in Iraq. I am leaning far left on that one; I want Iraqis to take the lead NOW. I feel you are too close to Bush on this issue. Tell me how you differ from Bush on the Iraq war, and when you believe we should get out. And, as an aside, I am so angry at the Dems for not fighting back when all the rt.wingers say, “sure, the dems in congress gave Bush the authority for starting the war…now they are against it” They didn’t! They said only as a last resort, after all negociations have failed, after we find out about the hidden missiles, etc. But Bush went forging ahead without going back to congress. Am I wrong on this?

  4. January 22, 2007 11:07 pm

    This is how I want the answer from Hillary to go … Imagine that there is no GW Bush, and there’s no administration, no evil Dick Cheney, and no warmongering GOP in the way (all the Dems’ words, not mine), and tell me what you do to make sure we end the threat of terror in the region, bring stability so that the elected government can rule, disarm the militias, and move our troops out of harms way.
    Today, I heard a very good suggestion from the Dems … consider moving U.S. troops out of the Baghdad city limits (except for Green Zone, where the gov’t is hosted) and move them to the less-fought-over Anbar province, where they would be safer. I think that’s a very good option. Use Anbar as a staging area for all missions.

  5. Alabama Slammer permalink
    January 23, 2007 8:44 pm

    Down with Hillary!

    I do agree–the woman has no plan!!

    I’ll follow anyone’s lead, as long as they have a well thought-out plan of how to do it and the risks that come with it.

    Staging in the Al Anbar Province??

    That’s just about the dumbest idea I ever heard of. On some level, that’s already happening with our major logistical hubs, located at relatively secure airbases, but conducting tactical operations on the large scale we’re talking about to contain the violence in the last bastions of insurgent violence [the cities of Mosul, Ramadi, and Baghdad] is not only unfeasible, proposing the idea should get you executed by a firing squad in front of the house budget committee.

    Please take it as a learning point that these novel ideas about how to manage our US ground forces cannot nearly begin to describe the level of planning and and analysis that our forces put forth in sustaining and executing military operations.

    The Clinton way of National Defense:

    Osama bin Laden lauded the way the Clinton administration cut and run on Mogadishu as proof that the US public will pull their troops at the first sign of blood. Since then he and other islamic radicals have used it as a talking point in their recruiting against the US, leading up to September 11th. It was the first time in history that the US media had effected the demise of our combat forces and ultimately our national security.

    Instead of pulling out, he could have done the militarily smart thing and simply provided armored support to the forces on the ground, even if just light-armored vehicles to break through barricades and expedite the wounded to a field hospital. He could have contained the threat and been heralded a hero by the UN. Instead he was labeled a coward by our enemies.

    Bill Clinton did tremendous things for our economy, but at the expense of national defense. According to the 9/11 report, there were 6 opportunities to take out Osama Bin Laden prior to 9/11 under the Clinton administration–none executed, because of an overly critical analysis of the political ramifications.

    What was the plan then??? Do nothing and maybe it will go away? In my view Bush has spent the last ‘6’ years cleaning up the messes that the UN and the Clinton administration just preferred to ignore. By the way don’t forget that our US Air Force was dodging missiles over Iraq for 11 years while a failing world of politics stood idly by and did nothing.

    If Hillary is anything like her husband the I’d rather shoot myself now rather than walk into a botched, politically handicapped mission that’s going to end with me getting shot by my enemy, who cares nothing of Hillary’s peace-love, ‘let the good times roll’ agenda.

    I don’t want to start a dialogue; I don’t want to chat. I want my commander in chief to be a no-nonsense shrewd individual who will walk tall and carry a big stick. I don’t want ‘tea time’–I want a president!!!

    -concerned Soldier


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