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Oh my God, you killed ‘South Park!’

January 19, 2007

The town of Marysville, Ohio wants to rename a municipal park, commonly called “South Park” by residents, so that it’s not sharing a name with the popular TV show “South Park.”

South Park artConfuse a park with a TV show? Wow, there must be NOTHING else going on in this town to get mad about.

Now, if someone named Kenny was killed there in that park, I’d see their point…

The AP reports:

MARYSVILLE, Ohio (AP) — You don’t find fans of Cartman and Kenny on the Parks and Recreation Commission in the central Ohio city of Marysville. The panel has decided it’s time to rename a local park that has come to be known as “South Park.”

City administrator Kathy House says having a park with the same name as the popular but often controversial cartoon show has become inappropriate.  

One member of the parks commission says they wanted to get away from “South Park” — far away.

So, the board is recommending that the city council approve a change to “Greenwood Park,” after a nearby street and apartment complex.

Of course, in Pennsylvania, South Park is near Pittsburgh, and is home to a great high-school football team. I wonder if they have a South Park Park?

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