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Shetty “Big Brother” insanity amazes me

January 19, 2007

I usually hate the TV show “Big Brother”, because reality competitions in confined spaces never interested me. I think the contestants going out into the world is much more fun, because it provides for more interaction and unusual experiences for the cameras (ie. The Amazing Race).

Shilpa Shetty picBut, in Britain, Big Brother is going into red alert and is becoming an international crisis, thanks to racist comments from a contestant.

The British version on Channel 4 is an all-celebrity edition this season, with mostly B-and-C-list celebs being invited to compete — except for one notable legit star: Indian Bollywood superstar Shilpa Shetty, who is considered a “national treasure” by some in India.

The premise of the show is simple. You are cut off from the outside world — no phone, e-mail, Internet, etc. Your actions are watched by tons of cameras and recorded 24/7, then shown as part of the program. Once a week, the housemates choose two people to evict, and the viewers call in and vote for which gets the boot. The final person remaining gets a big cash prize.

Now, Shetty has had some run-ins in the house with another contestant named Jade Goody, who was a former “Brother” contestant herself. She has led a wave of bullying against Shetty in the house, and the British and Indian press has been in an uproar over it.

Here’s the story from ABC News:

Her female housemates have ganged up on her. Every night, they make merciless fun of her.

“I think she should f*’ing go home,” the Ex-Miss England Danielle Lloyd said. “She doesn’t even speak English properly!” Nevermind that Lloyd’s Scouse accent is thicker than The Beatles before Ed Sullivan!

Jade Goody, the ex-“Big Brother” contestant, threw a downright tantrum at Shetty last night. “Go back to the slums,” she said. “You’re not a princess here!”

Shetty shouted back, “Well at least my claim to fame is not this!”

Here’s a clip from YouTube with the two contestants in full battle:

In tonight’s eviction ceremony, it’ll either be Goody or Shetty getting the boot, but due to a wave of sympethetic publicity in the Brit media (that neither contestant knows about due to the sequestering of the housemates), Goody is a 50-to-1 odds on favorite to get evicted.

Normally, after the eviction ceremony, the loser faces a live audience and answers questions. Not tonight, as that part has been cancelled by the network to prevent any racist incident or abuse. Goody will be escorted to a safe house for one week and receive around-the-clock security in addition, the Sun story reports.

Even worse, Sky News reported that police are looking into Goody’s racist comments, and she might be criminally cited for them. For more on how the story is causing rage in India and has diplomats in Britain scrambling for cover, read the feature story on The Sun Online.

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  1. January 20, 2007 4:04 am

    iv heard the comments, and understand that being ganged up against by several of your peers as shetty was can cause some discomfort for her. but seriously, the incident has blown WAY out of proportion. the sensitivity of the world now a days when it comes to rasism is ridiculous, its down right pathetic. what a surpirse! a racist person, oh no! come on, everyone, AND I MEAN EVERYONE, has some racist feelings in them, why is it so shocking to hear them? but the most disgusting fact and something that should be more fought over than the minisqual comments made is the fact that a police investigation is now taking place. the day racism actually becomes illegal i swear i will stand in the streets scream racial scurs all day long.

  2. January 21, 2007 11:18 pm

    You are right in many aspects. But in countries like Germany, racist acts are illegal, due to the country’s history of racial issues. Here, we have a little more freedom, but racism is illegal in many aspects of life (especially when it’s racial discrimination).

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