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Nokia Aeon says “iPhone who?”

January 18, 2007


After being bowled over by the Apple iPhone, this new future caller from Nokia is making me rethink my position.

While still in the concept stages, the new Nokia Aeon phone features a full touchscreen from top and bottom.

But here’s a hint: again, invest in Windex stock…you’ll be wiping it clean a lot!

No release date as of yet. That makes me sad.

From TechFresh:

The Nokia Aeon has a similar design to the Synaptics Onyx. The concept phone will feature a full surface touch screen display that replaces the traditional keypad. Its uniquely design gives this concept phone an extremely sleek and sexy look. Nokia should use a perfect material that does not attract fingerprints on Aeon’s touch screen display; otherwise, you will probably spend half your time wiping it.

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  1. January 18, 2007 11:22 am

    The major disadvantage on Nokia can be summed up in one word: Symbian. The ugliest, most un-programmable OS you’ll ever come accross. On the other hand, at least it allows you to develop 3rd party apps, unlike iPhone. I’m not sure which is worse…

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