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Britney watch: Oops, she’s pregnant again?

January 17, 2007

I’ve been easing off the Britney Spears gossip and news lately, trying to find my roots and some comfort in the tech world (thank you Steve Jobs), but this nugget of news is too good to not comment on.

Britney5Britney Spears is pregnant again! This reported by Jeannette Walls of MSNBC, from sources at InTouch magazine.

Oh, the humanity! This is like throwing gasoline on a already-burning train wreck…

For my money, Walls has been nailing it out of the park on Spears’ news in the past, so I wouldn’t doubt this.

Here’s her scoop:

The friends’ concern may help to explain why Spears seems not to have lost any of her pregnancy weight and why she has been getting sick lately.

In one widely circulated photo, Spears was shown throwing up peanut butter and reports said she had been drinking, but according to ITW, Spears has been skipping the booze.

“Her dancers were indulging in Malibu rum and pineapple drinks and taking shots of vodka,” a witness to a January 14 party at a Las Vegas casino told the mag. “But Britney drank bottled water.”

Spears gave birth to her second child only four months ago — but friends point out that she got pregnant for the second time only three months after having her first child.

“I’ve seen her during the last two pregnancies and she has the same look now,” a “pal who sees Britney every week” told the mag. “She’s heavier, but that’s not it. It’s the sparkle in her eye. She always gets that sparkle when she’s pregnant, like she’s relaxed and happy.”

Spears’s rep didn’t return the Scoop’s calls for comment.

Yipes! This would be baby No. 3 for the pop tart, who’s been in the news lately for being the worst-dressed on the planet and passing out at her New Year’s Eve hosting gig.

And she’s “relaxed and happy?” But if she is pregnant and it’s recent, then she should have the child in August or September — right when her new album comes out! So much for that comeback, eh Brit?

More on the worst-dressed honor coming up….and her NFL commercial is a no-go.

bullet BRITNEY PUNTED BY NFL: The National Football League (that’s American football, to those overseas) has decided to pass on using Britney in their new Super Bowl ad for this year’s championship game.

Actually, the quote from the NY Daily News’ source was a little more definitive.

“She’s too much of a train wreck. Besides, we already have Paris Hilton,” the Daily News cited its source as saying.

And Paris (an “axis of evil” co-hort and former best-friend-forever of Spears) isn’t a train wreck?

Granted, Britney is the Amtrak to Hilton’s Norfolk Southern in the “train wreck” category, but still…

And the divorce curse didn’t hurt ex-hubby K-Fed, who’s starring in a Nationwide insurance commercial for the big game. The commerical reportedly shows his transition from a big-time rapper to a french-fry cook. Nice. Good to see he has a sense of humor.

bullet IT’S 10 P.M., DO YOU KNOW WHERE JAYDEN IS?: Walls also reported yesterday that the paparazzi photographers are starting to wonder out loud about the location/well-being of Spears’ second son, Jayden James Federline.

Britney escorted away (Splash News pic)While it would be easy to say that Britney’s party-rich, out-all-night lifestyle is contributing to Jayden’s lack of exposure, one anonymous photographer suspects that Britney is hiding her son from the public eye in order to sell the exclusive rights to the photos to a celeb mag — for a premium price to boot.

Here’s more from Walls:

“It’s been pretty well confirmed that the profit from the pictures of the first child [Sean Preston] went to Kevin,” says Brandy Navarre, owner of x17OnLine, the celebrity blog owned by a photo agency.

She speculates that pics of Jayden were never sold “because things were souring between Britney and Kevin around that time, and they couldn’t ever come to any agreement about who would get [money from] the pictures.”

Navarre adds: “Some people are saying that Britney is so busy partying that she’s not with her child, but she does take Sean Preston out and she’s so open with Sean Preston when it comes to the paparazzi. . . . This is a huge story and some of us have been focused on getting pictures of her partying or with her new boyfriend, but to get a picture of [Jayden James] is the goal we should be focused on.”


bullet SPEAKING OF NEW BOYFRIENDS…: Britney’s found Issac Cohen, almost a dead ringer for Kevin Federline, to be her new beau. At least, he was this past week as Spears’ blew through Las Vegas on a whirlwind party binge, and blew chunks on him after a night of drinking. (pics here at X17)

Classy. Congrats to Issac for passing the initiation.

Also in Las Vegas this past week, the annual adult-entertainment industry convention. A perfect fit for Spears, in my humble opinion.

BodogBeat put together an impressive timeline of Spears’ visit to Vegas, which included stops at an all-gay nightclub, the Cirque De Soleil show, the Palms penthouse “Hugh Heffner” suite, Coyote Ugly and the Pure nightclub, where Brit passed out on New Year’s. Robin Leach (of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” fame) also chronicles her visit.

She even fell asleep on that same exact couch again at Pure to end her week, the report says. And it all comes full circle…


bullet BRITNEY ALBUM TRACK LEAKED?: Could this be a track off Britney’s new album? Check out the song, ironically called “Fed Up”, on this YouTube photo montage (WARNING, some photos in video are PG-13):

Sounds legit … catchy too. Thanks to LAist for the tip.

[UPDATE: Fox News reports that Jive Records says that’s NOT a Britney track…]

But no worries from Jive Records, it seems, about Spears’ new album. They are ready to release later this year, according to reports. (of course, this is BEFORE the pregnancy rumor was reported…)

From the report from SAWF News:

While recent reports that executives at Jive Records are unhappy with the songs Britney has recorded so far for her new album and her relentless partying it is unlikely that they will drop the singer.

“Britney is safe. She’s been recording since even before the blow up with Kevin Federline,” a source told Fox News. “She’s working with a lot of different producers. Jive is not dropping her.”

Another insider contended that in view of the current competitive environment in the record biz it would make little sense for Jive to drop a known commodity. “Let’s put it this way, she’s just a hit away from being back. Why drop her now?”

Besides, such a move could be a PR disaster. Her wanton partying notwithstanding, she is a mother of two infants and any move against her could raise hackles. She deserves a chance to make a comeback.



bullet BRITNEY WORST-DRESSED FOR SECOND YEAR: Spears and Paris Hilton tied for tops on Mr. Blackwell’s worst-dressed celebrity list for 2006.

Shouldn’t that be worst-undressed? Spears earned the honor in 2005 as well.

Coming in third was “axis of evil” co-hort Lindsay Lohan, who has quietly been off the radar for a while.

Well, except for….



Lindsay and Joe (The Bosh)bullet FINALLY, LINDSAY’S LIST OF STUFF:

  • Lindsay held a bathroom hostage at a Hollywood club for 20 minutes, then argued with patrons in line outside that started cursing her.
  • Lindsay turned down an offer of a romantic weekend in Mexico with “Girls Gone Wild” founder Joe Francis, to stay and party at the Golden Globes galas. Lohan reportedly got in a fight with Francis at a Miami nightclub prior to their dating. This is the same Joe Francis that just pled his way out of jail for filming underage girls for his videotape series.
  • Lohan’s liver is on the fritz, says a report in the National Enquirer (ummm…ok). They report that Lohan’s recent surgery to remove her appendix found tremendous damage to her liver, leading doctors to give her a strict warning on her party life.
  • New York state politicians in the Independance Party are asking Lohan to consider a foray into politics in 2009. Though I can’t see her running on any platform without a pole on it.

That’s all for now folks….check out all my previous Britney babble at the Spears Watch homepage, and subscribe to my RSS for more updates!


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