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Cingular, let me go PLEASE!

January 12, 2007

As much as I hate Cingular for dropping my phone calls and overcharging me for the occasional phone-browser use, I regret to say that I’ll not be looking to escape my contract any time soon. Mostly due to the upcoming Apple iPhone.

But that doesn’t mean you should stay too.

The Consumerist blog is back with another escape route for Cingular customers to get out of their contracts without paying wallet-thrashing early-termination fees.

(They also brought this up when Cingular changed its texting rates … Cingular then went on the counter-offensive to prevent a mass exodus.)  

The blog picked up on a new “improved arbitration” clause in the standard contract, which means customers have 14 days to cancel without paying the exit fee, according to the terms of the contract (in very small print in the back somewhere).

BTW….when has arbitration ever improved for the customer? Yeah, thought so…

The site has a script, phone numbers and all the ammo you need to bash that customer-service rep into oblivion (or to make them hang up on you, whichever comes first). There’s even links and phone numbers for the executive customer service team, if your battles with the low-level CSR serfs fail.

Good luck … Semper Fi! Remember, you have 2 weeks…

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