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David Beckham, heading to L.A. Galaxy for $250 MILLION?!

January 11, 2007

David BeckhamOne of the biggest soccer star in the world is coming to America and Major League Soccer! David Beckham, former Manchester United and Real Madrid star (as well as England’s national team standout), will sign to play in the States for the Los Angeles Galaxy, as reported first by ABC News.

[UPDATE: It’s a 5-year deal, according to the AP London, estimated in British papers at $250 million!  WHAT?!?  That would make him the highest-salaried pro athlete in the USA]

The 31-year-old’s arrival would give the league a new air of legitimacy.  He already has a soccer academy in the L.A. area.

My question: Is wife Victoria (former Posh Spice) coming too?

My other, more important question: Who is next? Could former Brazil star and Real teammate Ronaldo make the jump stateside?

Video clips and more after the jump!

More from ABC News:

The announcement has the sports world buzzing.

“David Beckham coming to the United States is … [like] Tiger Woods meeting Brad Pitt on the red carpet,” said USA Today sports columnist Christine Brennan. “This transcends sports. This is a big, big deal.”

Outside the United States, Beckham is not only the world’s biggest sports star, but also a certified sex symbol. His moves off the field are followed just as closely as his moves on the field.

He is married to former Spice Girl Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham, and the couple is a favorite target of the British paparazzi.

And companies know that. He’s received $20 million a year to push Pepsi and Adidas, and his Adidas cleats fetch $450 a pair.

In the United States, he’s not a household name — at least not yet.

But media watchers are gambling that a lot more Americans will know him very soon.

“All that fame and fortune that he’s amassed, which is already the world’s largest snowball, is going to be rolling down the hill in the United States gathering momentum,” Brennan said.

Just in case you haven’t seen Beckham in action, here’s a good highlight reel from YouTube of the star — just watch those kicks bend like a banana!

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