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CES: Like Second Life, with pirates

January 9, 2007

I’ve been known to kick around the virtual world known as Second Life from time to time, and occasionally, the residents activate their pirate-speak translators, toss on the puffy pirate shirt and a shoulder parrot and party like its 1599.

Pirates game ( the rum! Arrrrr!

So I’m really intrigued by this announcement made at CES yesterday.

During last night’s Disney keynote, CEO Robert Iger mentioned that there’s a massive multiplayer online role-playing game (or, an MMORPG, if you will) in the works based on the mega-hit movie series (and the mega-long-line Magic Kingdom ride) “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

My question: So what exactly would qualify as griefing (or causing undue trouble, for trouble’s sake) in an online world based on pirating?

A conversation to online help would probably go something like this:

HELP LINE: Ahoy! Bert Sparrow (cousin of Jack…all help avatars are Sparrows) here. How can I help? Arrrrr….

YOU: Umm, yeah, these guys have barricaded me in my house by parking their ships right against my house door, and I can’t open it. I haven’t challenged them to a duel. And they’re screaming something about sending out the women. Please help.

Pirates game shotHELP LINE: Arrr…..what did you expect matey? They’re PIRATES! Arrrr….

YOU: What kind of virtual world is this anyway? I paid $10 a month to virtually pillage booty, and now I can’t even leave my home to join my pillage guild.

HELP: Do you have any booty to barter with your captors? Or can you summon a krakken?

YOU: That’s MY booty! I virtually worked hard for that stolen loot.

HELP: Sorry matey (arrrr…), it’s a world of pirates. You’ll have to be innovative. Or you’ll have to find a krakken. Thanks for playing.

YOU: You’re absolutely no help. I quit.

HELP: Aye. … Arrrrr….

HELP’s PARROT: bawwwk! Arrrrr!

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