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Stadium roof goes flat in B.C.

January 8, 2007

Odd story out of British Columbia, Canada: That long PFFFFFTTT sound you heard in western Canada Friday was the inflatable roof of the home stadium for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver blowing out under the weight of a sleet/heavy snow storm.

BC Place roof collapse (AP)

B.C. Place (the name of the stadium) officials told CBC News that the roof was deflated intentionally Friday because one panel had “a 7-meter tear” in it after the storm, and was getting larger by the minute.

Officials were unable to say how much the “stadium dome patch kit” for the roof will cost. No timetable was given for the repair.

Granted, lots of rubber cement will be involved.

The stadium seats 60,000 and is the home of the CFL B.C. Lions. Officials for the stadium say it costs $300,000 per year to operate and maintain the roof.

[UPDATE: Thanks to rainwater collecting in the deflated roof, it has developed MORE tears from the weight of the water, the CBC reports. Damage estimates coming today.]

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