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Bush instituting “No Country Left Behind?”

January 7, 2007

The Drudge Report is breaking news that Bush will set benchmarks for the new Iraqi government to meet that will trigger troop withdrawals as part of his new Iraq plan, to be announced later this week. Another report has 20,000 troops and $1 billion in aid heading to the war zone.

Troops in IraqIt’s funny, it sounds similar to the “No Child Left Behind” system using in American schools, that set benchmarks for student performance.

BTW, those standards are constantly under fire as an unfunded mandate, but then again, performance has gone up in many districts around the country.

Here’s the latest from Matt Drudge:

Sun Jan 07 2007 20:01:01 ET

President Bush's new Iraq policy will establish a series of political, economic and military benchmarks that the Iraqi government will be expected to meet, the NY TIMES is planning to report in lead headlines Monday.


Bush is expected to refer to the benchmarks in a much-anticipated speech this week outlining his new Iraq strategy. The specific benchmarks, to which the Iraqi government has agreed, will later be spelled out and made public along with target dates for meeting the objectives, the paper will report.


Now, the Democrats are considering cutting off funding for the war to counter the President’s plan.

Did I also see that Israel has a plan to nuke Iran? Oh yeah, this is gonna be a fun week in Washington.

I’ll post the NY Times story when we get the link [UPDATE: Story here].

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