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Florida ‘Paris’ nightclubs boot namesake heiress

January 4, 2007

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So what happens when you name your new nightclubs after a party/planehopping socialite, and then she doesn’t show for scheduled appearances?

Paris at the discoYou give her the boot, that’s what.

The AP is reporting the Paris Hilton is getting dumped by two Florida nightspots because she failed to show up for promised events. I’m also sure that her recent escapades with Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan didn’t help her image either.

BTW….I can’t wait to be a big enough blogger that Club Hard Drive Life becomes a reality. Oh yes, we will have in-house wi-fi!

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) – Two nightclubs known as Club Paris will no longer be associated with their namesake — Paris Hilton, according to the club’s owner.

Fred Khalilian said he “fired” the hotel heiress because she has failed to attend scheduled appearances at the location in downtown Orlando. The troubles started two years ago when Hilton showed up six hours late for the grand opening, Khalilian said.

“She’s created a circus for herself,” he said. “It’s all about: How has she screwed up now?”

Khalilian does not want to change the name of the Orlando club, or one opened in Jacksonville last year, because he said the name is so well known. Instead of Club Paris representing Hilton, it will stand for the city, Khalilian said.

He plans to hold a competition to find the new face of his clubs.

Hilton’s spokesman Elliot Mintz told The Associated Press that neither he nor the 25-year-old Hilton have been contacted by Khalilian.

“I’m certainly disappointed to learn of Fred’s unfortunate comments.” Mintz said. “We shall address his statements at the appropriate time.”

The news is also out that Hilton turned down an offer from an “adult” company to market a real-life “doll” made in her likeness. (no, we’re not talking Ken and Barbie dolls here…) At least she has some scruples, good for her.

And another report has Paris shacking up with her monkey.

I’m not even going to TOUCH this one…here’s the skinny from Monsters and Critics:

Paris Hilton has stopped sleeping with men, but now shares her bed with a monkey.

The animal-loving heiress – who took a vow of celibacy last year – has revealed she sleeps with her pet baby monkey for company.

Paris told Australian’s Cosmopolitan magazine: “I don’t have sex unless I’m in a relationship. I’m old-fashioned when it comes to that. I really am!

“Yes, I’ve kissed a lot of guys. I like to kiss, but that’s it. I don’t go home with anyone. I sleep with my animals, like my baby monkey, Brigitte Bardot.”

Paris, 25, has a menagerie of pets including a Chihuahua called Tinkerbell, a kinkajou called Baby Luv, a number of other dogs, a cockatoo and a ferret.

Anyone remember that Paris was voted the second-worst celebrity pet owner? Thought not…

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