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I’m blushing…

January 1, 2007

Robert ScobleWow, I got a mention on technology evangelist Robert Scoble‘s No. 1 WordPress blog, Scobleizer today.

Must have been a slow tech news day…hehe.

Here’s the post:

Seagate should sponsor this guy’s blog

Corey Clayton writes “the Hard Drive Life.”

I love that name. Of course, how did I find that blog? Someone linked to his post about Britney Spears. Just goes to show you that Britney will drive more traffic than a post about fireplace DVDs (which he also has).


Of course, I also agree that Seagate SHOULD sponsor my blog. 🙂

I met Scoble earlier this year last year at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo (now the Podcast and New Media Expo) in California in September. He did a very entertaining “unkeynote” for Podango, who had an arena-style booth there on the exhibit floor.  He’s also the host of the ScobleShow video podcast, which has a growing audience.

I also have a digital picture with him and me, but can’t find it at the moment on my PC. Darn it Picasa software!!! You’re supposed to help find this stuff!!! (Oops, here it is… link)

Anyhow, two notes about Scoble’s post:

  1. My wife’s ego has been boosted, because she came up with the name “Hard Drive Life,” thinking of that song from “Annie.” She says “Hi” and “Thanks”. (I’m more of an Avenue Q fan myself…)
  2. Yes, Britney traffic is a great boon to any blog. Though, I’ve never posted those famous naked pics for taste reasons. Yeah, I do get ribbing around the newsroom at the New Era for this “fluff” stuff, but hey, I have been read by 100,000+ readers in less than 2 months. And I’m very optimistic about the potential of blogs in journalism and on newspaper web sites because of this venture.

So thanks again Robert, I appreciate the mention. Best to you in this New Year!

And to Seagate…I’m waiting for your call.

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  1. January 2, 2007 12:26 am

    Heheh! Glad you liked it.

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