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Britney Spears collapses at own New Year’s party

January 1, 2007

[UPDATE: The AP is reporting that Britney’s management is stating that the pop star was ASLEEP, not passed out, at Pure nightclub in the story below. Silly us for not knowing the difference…]

While this isn’t enough to fire up the Britney Spears Watch again at this blog, I am not surprised in the least at this report coming out of Las Vegas, that the pop tart collapsed at her own New Years’ party at Pure at Caesers’ Palace.

Britney smilesI still don’t get it. How can a celebrity remain so reckless in public with a likely custody hearing coming in a few months with her former hubby K-Fed?

Maybe she was just drinking away the shame of coming in tops in the worst celebrity role-model of 2006 poll? The AP reports she beat out fellow “axis of evil” member Paris Hilton and racist-when-drunk filmmaker Mel Gibson.

And isn’t the first rule of hosting a nightclub party (or any party, for that matter) is to STAY CONSCIOUS for the duration of said party?

I hope the management at Pure can get a refund on the broken Britney…

Meanwhile, other axis member Lindsay Lohan was busy apologizing to New York strippers, while quietly celebrating the holiday in Miami. Sorry Lindsay, but you’ll have to do better than that to get more print here. Thanks for playing.

More from the Las Vegas Review-Journal on the Britney collapse:

Bodyguards whisked her away from Pure’s VIP section to her suite about 1 a.m. and she did not return.

“She’s fine,” said Larry Rudolph, Spears’ manager. “She had been traveling all day. She got real tired. It was a late night for her.”

It was the second time in two weeks that the hard-partying Spears was carried out of a nightclub. She was helped out of Hollywood’s Les Deux about 2 a.m. on Dec. 22.

Spears had just completed a second New Year’s Eve countdown on the terrace of Pure and had returned to her group on the VIP stage.

“She had a little too much to drink,” said a Pure source. “She was assisted out, but she was not carried.”

Spears was seen mixing a rum and pineapple drink with champagne shortly before her stumbling departure.

Rudolph said Spears “wasn’t drinking that much.” — News – Britney collapses at New Year’s party

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