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Female bloggers warm winter hearts

December 28, 2006

Continuing the flood of “top whatever” lists for 2006, here’s Gizmodo’s take on the Top 10 female bloggers for the year.

Cali Lewis (pic from Geekbrief.TV)Kudos to Geekbrief.TV host Cali Lewis (pictured right), for her nod in the list. She’s certainly a charmer.

Also, kudos to “pirates vs. ninjas” guru Veronica Belmont at CNET’s Buzz Out Loud podcast. Her and co-hosts Tom Merritt and Molly Wood have a permanent place on my iPod playlist.

Here’s the list from Gizmodo:

Anyone the Giz missed? Post them in the comments below, with a link to a picture. (BTW….pictures of all these listees are at Gizmodo.)

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