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No deep-frying turkeys at the airport!

December 22, 2006

OK, we’ve made it clear you can’t run your baby through the x-ray machine at airports.

Deep fried turkey...yum!Now, the TSA security nazis are at it again, making sure we can’t deep-fry turkeys in the terminal either.

Please, know that I’m joking here about the nazi part.

But not about the turkey part, that was serious!

A group of administrators at Dulles International Airport in the Washington D.C. area decided to deep-fry a turkey for their holiday party, only a few hundred feet away from the air-traffic-control room. The area fire marshal had to come and put a stop to it.

C’mon! Vat of hot oil and a hot plate just feet away from the nerve center of one of America’s busiest airports….what could go wrong??!?

The AP has the details:

A holiday party last week at the airport’s administrative offices drew a fire marshal and complaints from union officials upset with the menu: a deep-fried turkey prepared on site that they deemed a fire hazard.

“It has … come to my attention that the Dulles Management decided it would be a nice idea to DEEP FRY A TURKEY in the Dulles administrative quarters, surrounded by carpet, linoleum, an airport, aircraft, a control tower, thousands if not millions of gallons of jet fuel and thousands of passengers and employees,” Kieron Heflin, an air traffic controller’s union representative, complained in a letter to management.

The party was held in offices next to the Dulles terminal and a few hundred feet from the control tower.

An airport fire marshal made managers turn off the cooker, airport spokeswoman Tara Hamilton said.

The fire marshal was initially called by an employee who wanted to know how to dispose of the gallons of hot peanut oil used for frying, Hamilton said.

Deep-fried turkeys have become popular in recent years, but safety experts warn that the cookers can be a fire hazard when used improperly or accidentally tipped over.

A spokeswoman for the Federal Aviation Administration said managers did nothing wrong. They were using an indoor electric fryer, not the more dangerous gas-fired devices.

“It was meant for indoor use,” said FAA spokeswoman Diane Spitaliere. “This is just another attempt by (union officials) to make management look bad because of discontent over their contract.” Union officials have been battling management over staffing levels and other workplace issues.

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