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Britney to tell all to Vanity Fair?

December 22, 2006

Just a whiff of a Britney Spears Watch update, there’s buzz that the pop tart is giving a tell-all exclusive interview to Vanity Fair magazine, covering her kids, partying and the divorce.Britney with demo CD? (

This, as Brit was sighted coming out of a record studio with a demo copy of her new CD recently (see picture)?

Also, reports have the party girl Spears yakking badly at a Hollywood club after a hard night with hard liquor.

So badly, in fact, the singer’s “handlers” ordered her pasta to eat, so she wouldn’t get alcohol poisoning.

Blog Holy Candy nails the conclusion on this sorry situation:

That’s right. Leave the mess — and order spaghetti. Fabulous “handlers.” Didn’t they warn her that “beer before liquor… never sicker”? Or that “ten martinis is never a good idea…?” Or “if you keep this up, you stupid b*tch, you’re going to lose your babies?”

Dude, cheetahs have handlers. And the closest Spears gets to being a cheetah is her sometimes-absent cheetah-print underwear.

She’s a grown woman/mom, and needs to act like it! Or yes, she will lose her kids, courtesy of “K-Fed Express.”

Celeb blog Yeeeah! takes a unique look at the undesirable job of cleaning up after the pop diva:

The wait staff at Les Deux is stupid. Any forward-thinking server would’ve grabbed a baggie and scraped vomit inside to sell later on Ebay. Hell, if you can sell part of her half-eaten chicken sandwich and K-Fed’s used sneakers online, I don’t see why a bag of celebrity puke wouldn’t make you a mint.

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