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My blog missed Britney Spears

December 20, 2006

Remember the good old days, when Britney Spears was flashing her private parts every photographer in a one-block radius?

Britney and Jamie leave the Lakers game (AP)Man, that was so long ago… almost two weeks have passed!

While my blog feature, the Britney Spears Watch, is currently on hiatus (since she’s not flashing her crotch area anymore…but it’s on standby), the pop diva is still getting into trouble.

Though, this time, it’s not with her “axis of evil” friends Paris Hilton (see below for the update) and Lindsay Lohan.

Here’s a quick roundup for you star watchers:

bullet BASKETBALL DIARY: The blog Staralicious reports that Spears and her younger Nickelodeon-star sister Jamie Lynn Spears took in a recent L.A. Lakers basketball game.

They were booed by court-side patrons when Britney was shown on the Jumbotron.

They left soon after, reportedly due to the emotional distress.

Another blog ventures that the reaction was just venting from Lakers fans upset at the direction their team is going. That’s understandable.

Britney did not harm this dog (AP)bullet FOR THE DOGS: The blog Red Herring is reporting that Britney has been named “Worst celebrity dog owner” by two dog-owner magazines.

Paris Hilton came in second, for “treating dogs like fashion accessories.”

Oprah Winfrey was named top celebrity dog owner. Way to go, O!

bullet WE’LL ALWAYS HAVE PARIS….NO, WAIT…: The rumor is that Paris has ended the “best-friends-forever” relationship with Britney Spears.

One minute, they are pole dancing together, the next they are on the outs. Reports say that Spears got too close to Paris’ ex-boyfriend Brandon Davis, and that ended their friendship.

Another report, floated by MSNBC’s super-gossip Jeannete Walls, is that Britney was dating another Paris ex-bf, J.R. Rotem, which is a friend of Britney’s seething ex-hubby Kevin Federline.

From Walls:

Spears is dating J.R. Rotem, a friend of K-Fed’s who produced several songs on his debut CD and who is working with Spears on her comeback album, according to several reports. But sources tell Star magazine that some of Spears’s friends were convinced that hanky panky was going on between the two before Spears filed for divorce from her husband. Another source, however, says while there was “definite chemistry” Spears and Rotem waited until she filed papers

But there’s also buzz that Britney’s former best friend Paris Hilton also dated Rotem — and when Spears found out, her friendship with Hilton soured. Rotem also worked with Hilton on her debut CD, and the two dated briefly. “It was nothing serious, just a few hookups,” a source told Star. “I bet a million dollars that J.R. tired to keep that a secret from Britney,” adds the source. “Britney would probably flip out if she knew that he’d romanced Paris first.”

What’s funnier…Britney is rumored to be Paris’ matron of honor at her rumored wedding to on-off boyfriend Stavros Niarchos.

Yeah, that’s a lot of rumor in that paragraph.

From the report:

[Hilton] made the confession during an interview with a British newspaper.

She told the Daily Star, “It’s true. I am going to get married. I want a fairytale wedding and Britney’s going to be my matron of honor. She can advise me.”

Hilton and Spears have recently formed a close friendship and have frequently been seen out partying together, since Spears split from husband Kevin Federline in November.

Over the weekend, gossips claimed Britney Spears split with her “new best friend” Paris Hilton after a catfight over a playboy.

The singer is now being shunned by Paris’s circle reports Sun Uk.

bullet TINSEL AND CHANEL?: Britney took Access Hollywood into her Hollywood home to see her Christmas decorations.

You can see her stockings on the mantle, her festive bows and greenery, her tree decorated with Britney-brand perfume boxes and bottles…

Wait a second….something’s not smelling right here….watch the clip…

bullet FINALLY, ‘NEW COKE?’: Remember Britney’s apology for her hard-partying ways a while back?

Forget it. chronicles Spears’ latest night out at a burlesque club in Los Angeles.

Just a week after apologizing to fans for her hard-partying ways, pop star Britney Spears hit a Los Angeles burlesque club and entertained patrons with an impromptu striptease. The newly-single star showed up at 40 Deuce on Sunday night and jumped on stage between striptease acts.

According to the New York Daily News, Spears and some girlfriends gyrated for the crowd, with Spears, cigarette in hand, unzipping her top and baring her bra. The star was reportedly having so much fun, the club’s manager had to step in and physically remove her from the stage.

Spears quickly jumped back on stage, forcing the manager to dislodge her once again so that the real dancers could complete their show. The deflated singer then hit the bar where she returned to her drink of choice for the night – a cocktail of champagne mixed with Coca-Cola.

Champagne and Coke? Seriously? You’re a multi-millionaire and you’re fouling up champagne with sugar water? To each their own, I guess.

Well, back to my holiday concoction of champagne and egg nog….

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