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Yule love this! A high-definition log…

December 18, 2006

My mother-in-law came over to the house this weekend to help my wife bake holiday cookies. And somehow, I managed to lose a few pounds over the weekend.

yule log on WPIXThose two things do NOT go together…I probably just misplaced the weight amongst the piles of gift wrap in our living room.

But, as the ladies took a break from baking, I mentioned I could put a log in the fireplace to heighten the holiday mood (and raise the temperature a little bit).

What is it about live fireplaces that just warms the soul? Fine dining restaurants feature them prominently. Backyards are now featuring small fire pits and chimneas as gathering places.

For guys, I think it’s just our inner pyromaniac dying to come out that draws us to the flame. Good thing there’s fireplace doors to keep us out of said flame.

Today, I came across a story about the holiday yule log that warms the soul.

Actually, this log can’t warm anything…it’s on video.  See the clip after the break….

A TV station in New York has been broadcasting a video loop of a burning yule log in a fireplace on Christmas Day for some 40 years. And what’s funny about it, it’s the highest-rated TV show in New York City during that time period.

From the article:

The log has burned for so long, at least in New York, that many anticipate its return as they do eggnog or ornaments.

“There’s a sentimental attachment to it,” said Chip Arcuri, who painstakingly re-recorded the soundtrack for this year’s showing. “When you watch `The Yule Log,’ at least for me personally, it brings back such poignant and personal memories of growing up.”

Arcuri may be more attached than most. He and a friend started a Web site devoted to “The Yule Log,” and he’s watched it so often he knows when the sparks fly up from the right side of the log.

Mitch’s dad, Fred Thrower, then general manager of WPIX, lit the log in 1966. He was looking to do something different as a holiday gift for viewers, and figured it wasn’t much of a sacrifice to cancel the scheduled Christmas Eve showing of roller derby and substitute a three-hour televised fireplace.

Gracie Mansion, the home of New York City’s mayors, volunteered its majestic fireplace – a move it regretted when a spark burned a hole in a valuable oriental rug.

Now, the log has competition. INHD, a all-high-definition network, has recorded its own yule log video for Christmas Day, in HD.

Jason Patton lived in the New York area for many years and considers himself a passionate Yule log fan. He’s now vice president for business development on INHD, a network that caters to some of the estimated 24 million homes with a high-def set.

He thought a new version of “The Yule Log” would be a great way of letting HDTV owners show off their pictures to friends and family at the holidays. The INHD Yule log has been airing since 2003 and, since the number of HDTV owners has been doubling every year, is available to many more people each year. It will air for 24 hours starting 7 a.m. EST on Christmas.

His was filmed by Ron Roy, the guy behind those computer screen savers that look like tropical fish tanks.

Patton, of course, thinks his Yule log is superior to the competition.

“This Yule log is filmed in high-definition,” Patton said. “I think they’re still using the one made in 1970. It’s a grainy film. It looks like it’s 30 years old and it’s not going to fill up the full screen.”

For more on the traditional yule log video, visit the WPIX tribute site.

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