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I’m PERSON OF THE YEAR! Take that Scoble!

December 16, 2006

If you didn’t hear, I’m Time’s Person of the Year for 2006! That THAT Scoble!

I won!Let me just get my acceptance speech out … I really wasn’t prepared for this, seriously.

First, I’d like to thank the Academy for their gracious support. Without you, there’d be no “person of the year”, and we appreciate it.

Wow….so many people to thank here. I’d like to thank God above, without whom none of this could be possible. And of course, my lovely wife, who bought me this computer, which without it, this blog post wouldn’t be possible.

To my future kids reading this blog post in the future (maybe, say, 2015), doing a book report for school about their dad, “Kids, you can go to bed now! We did it!”

I mean, this is all a shock, especially since there were so many other worthy nominees:

  • Who can forget the performance of the Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq, furthering their push for civil war in Iraq?
  • Who can forget John Mark Karr, who fooled the whole world, turning a minor sex crime arrest in Thailand into a wanna-be delusional serial killer fantasy?
  • Who can forget the deeply-focused spectacles of Kim Jong-Il, and his nuclear “test” that rattled sabres on the Korean peninsula?
  • Who can forget the yeoman’s work the Democrats did in the House and Senate in this year’s election, proving that having no plan is better than having a failing plan?
  • And who can overlook the wackiness of the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who threatens Israel and the western world with annihilation every other day (not to mention spellcheck programs worldwide) ? Hey, did you hear they’ll have NUKES in a few months? Which means, I might be the LAST “person of the year”. Nothing like going out with a bang, right?

So kudos to Time for picking me as their “person of the year”, most likely for my work with Web 2.0, furthering social interaction with this blog and its pursuit of in-depth coverage of Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. I thank you on behalf of them, since they couldn’t stay properly clothed to be here….

Ummm….I know I’m forgetting someone… Oh, to the editors at Time, what are you thinking? Really?

Me? I’m just a blogger and an Internet surfer. And the YouTube guys and the folks on Second Life are just killing time, while those companies profit. It doesn’t do a global lick of good for anyone, except maybe stockholders.,

When you have a world leader (2 actually) ready to ratchet up nuclear aggression in a firestorm region of the world, that deserves a nod.

When you have two sects of Islam kidnapping and murdering innocents in the street of Baghdad, all in the name of furthering their religious and world-domination goals, that deserves a nod.

Dodging them as “person of the year” is a cop-out to political correctness. But then again, you didn’t have to do an Islamic editorial cartoon for the issue… which probably saved lives.

(**Orchestra starts to play…**)

Damn, i’m getting played off….OK….just love to my mom and dad back in Sharon, and to my brother who bet me I’d never be “Person of the Year”, you own me $20!!!

Goodnight!!! Fur is murder!!! (music volume rises…)

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