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Lohan e-mail: Can we call the president?

December 7, 2006

I don’t care if you are Lindsay Lohan, a member of the Britney SpearsParis Hilton-Lohan “axis of evil.” You just can’t go around threatening to call in former presidents or vice-presidents when things don’t go your way.

Lohan at the GQ awardsSlate’s Timothy Noah reveals the full text of an e-mail that was reportedly written by Lindsay Lohan after her clash with her former assistant at the recent GQ Man of the Year Awards.

The assistant now works for Jessica Biel, and Lohan was incensed that she was allowed into the gala. She had a “mad girl diva fit,” according to Noah, quoting a Page Six report.

The letter, first reported by Page Six at the NY Post, has strikingly-similar mistakes and incoherence to a very sketchy letter Lohan wrote recently to the family of movie director Robert Altman upon his passing. Lohan then blamed the mistakes and garbled language on her Blackberry PDA.

From Page Six:

LINDSAY Lohan is preparing to clean up her image and go to war with the media with the help of a high-powered friend – former Vice President Al Gore.

“Al Gore will help me. He came up to me last night and said he would be very happy to have a conversation with me,” Lohan wrote last week in a rambling, semi-literate e-mail to her friends and lawyers.

In the bizarre message read by Page Six, Lohan burbled, “If he is willing to help me, let’s find out. Hilary [sic] Clinton, Bill Clinton, and Evan Metroplis [sic], and John Daur who works with them would be willing, if we just ask. If we just ASK.”

Lohan was apparently inspired to send out the e-mail by a Page Six item on her “mean girls diva fit” at a GQ magazine party in L.A. Referring to a supermarket tabloid report claiming she had overdosed on drugs, she wrote, “Let’s sue the tabloids for saying the things they say. Defamation of character.”

Invoking what she puzzlingly calls the “way of the future-Howard Hughes,” her desire is to “release a politically/morally correct, fully adequite [sic] letter to the press.” …

Lohan said she wanted to “hold a press conference” and “will do anything necessary to do so.” She said she is at “such a young and tender age in a woman’s life. It’s enough already, I’ve had enough and I am going to be the one to make a change.”

Lindsay, you left out your idols from “Sex and the City.” Maybe they’ll help you out?

I really hope those Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are helping her in some way.

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  1. December 8, 2006 4:43 pm

    Was there anything she left out in the e-mail. I mean WTF was that all about. She even writes drunk. Is her 15 minutes up?

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