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Bad idea: Trade kids for PS3s

December 7, 2006

Engadget (via PS3 Fanboy, via PS3 Land) alerted me to what could have been the deal of the year.

A morning radio DJ in Minnesota, Dave Ryan at KDWB, jokingly offered a rare Playstation 3 video-game system to anyone who would let him have their infant child for 24 hours.

Wait, let me get this straight. My baby for a Playstation 3? AND I get the kid back a day later?

That’s free day care with perks, baby!

Pack up the baby’s bag with food and diapers and sign me up! (I hope by this point, you can tell I’m not a parent. And probably thankful that I’m not)

In the end, he revealed this was just a joke, and not meant to be a real radio contest. But the station got calls from a bunch of people, who were angry it wasn’t real.

From Engadget, news and comment:

A dozen people apparently jumped at the opportunity, with one caller offering her one-month-old infant, and another offering more than one child for three days. Callers were apparently very disappointed when they found out that it was just a gag.

To his credit, the host tried to alleviate the callers’ requests by saying “Listen, you’re not the only one who fell for it,” though we’re not sure why wannabe negligent parents really deserve any reassuring.

But I’m glad this wasn’t a real contest.  Like many cities’ gun buyback programs that give $100 gift cards to people that turn in their guns, no questions asked, what would stop someone from “borrowing” someone’s baby to enter in the contest?  I’ve seen weirder things happen.

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